Welcome to the Village of Black Creek!

10 year Comprehensive Plan meeting

In 2005, the Village and Town of Black Creek adopted out current Comprehensive Land Use Plan. By law, the plan must be updated once every ten years. Please join us for a Community Engagement Session to update process. The next Meeting will be held on Monday, March 30th at the Town of Black Creek Town Hall at 6:00 pm. 




Due to the construction of the new sludge tank the dumpsters previously located at the wastewater treatment plant are now located at the end of Tower Drive next to the water tower.



The following items will now require a green label you can purchase from the Clerks office for the following items: $10 per TV, computer, fax, laptop and printer; $5 per VCR/DVD and mouse/keyboard.


Calendar of Events

Apr 01, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Apr 08, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Apr 13, 2015, Mon 06:30pm
Apr 14, 2015, Tue 07:00am
Apr 15, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Apr 22, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Apr 28, 2015, Tue 07:00am
Apr 29, 2015, Wed 06:30am
May 06, 2015, Wed 06:30am
May 11, 2015, Mon 06:30pm
May 12, 2015, Tue 07:00am
May 13, 2015, Wed 06:30am
May 20, 2015, Wed 06:30am
May 26, 2015, Tue 07:00am
May 27, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Jun 03, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Jun 08, 2015, Mon 06:30pm
Jun 09, 2015, Tue 07:00am
Jun 10, 2015, Wed 06:30am
Jun 17, 2015, Wed 06:30am